What’s so funny?

What’s so funny?

What’s so funny
Originally uploaded by lauragenao.
This weekend I tailgated at the UCLA-Oregon St. football game. I’m not a fan of any Division 1 team in particular (having gone to a college with no football tradition to speak of), and I’ve only ever attended one other tailgate.  With that history, I was surprised to find myself enjoying the hours of unplanned amusement that was provided by groups of people with nowhere to be, lots of food, an i pod, random footballs, and drinks. It didn’t hurt that UCLA won 25-7.

Can’t remember what we’re laughing at in the picture, but the moment seemed to capture the good time we had.

Favorite moment of the day, when a woman in her mid-60s cheered at me in the stands because she liked by “Super Friends” t-shirt. I tell you, nothing like Saturday morning cartoons to cross all kinds of lines separating people.

© Laura Genao 2006


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