Holiday Card-i-ology

Holiday Card-i-ology

I am not a holiday person. 

I don’t get up at the crack of dawn on Black Friday to go shopping (ok, in the interest of full disclosure, my sister did drag me to Downtown Crossing in Boston, once–I was in college, and we were young).  I’m also fortunate because I do not have to buy many gifts (mom has declared this year a no gift year), and I relish this good luck. 

I also don’t put up Christmas lights, wreaths, or a tree (again, my sister once made me do this and I won’t ever again, and, to illustrate our differences, she called this weekend to report that she’d pulled out all her holiday decorations, and, to my dismay, it seems my two-year-old niece is impressionable and enjoying the bright lights and colors of the season). 

I do, however, really, really, really enjoy sending holiday cards.  Despite my desire to be totally low key about Christmas and my desire not to buy unnecessary items for people who already have everything under the sun, I love holiday cards.  I love thinking that for a split second, I’ve made my friends laugh and know that I’m thinking of them.

My love of holiday cards forced me to start my holiday shopping just before Halloween at THE BEST CARD SHOP EVER–Pulp, 456 S. La Brea, L.A.  That’s near the corner of 6th and La Brea for those of you who are local.  (No, I’m not obsessive or compulsive or overly organized, it’s just that if you don’t buy them before Thanksgiving, a lot of the good cards are gone).

The cards at this shop are funny, political, sarcastic, politically correct, snarky, smart alecky, beautiful, large, small, you name it, they have it.  

Some of the cards they have can be found by going to the cards’ sources:;; and

Take a look and enjoy.  And, for those of you who’ll get one from me, they’re on their way (or at least they are for those blessed with first names in the early part of the alphabet).  For those I don’t get to before Christmas, just remember, I also love New Year’s cards. 

© Laura Genao 2006


One thought on “Holiday Card-i-ology

  1. Your holiday card was the first one that arrived in our mailbox yesterday. I thought gawd, Vero and Laura have their shit together! So I ordered mine online. I like Leaning Tree cards.

    You could be getting our (Frank and Michelle’s) before the holiday season is over. 🙂

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