Thinking About Laughter

Thinking About Laughter

I was looking for a book to make me laugh out loud, so I decided to reread Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood.   Because the book does make me work my abs through laughter, this time around I was struck by the description of laughter contained in its first few pages.  I think my laugh is like Vivi’s or the “mama” in this passage. 

Oh, how Mama and the Ya-Yas laughed! . . . Caro’s chortle sounded like a grin doing a polka.  Teensy’s giggle had a bayou flavor, as if somebody sprinkled Tabasco on it.  Necie’s hee-hee-hee sounded exactly like that.  And Mama’s head-thrown-back, open-back, open-throated roar always made people turn around and look at her when she laughed in public.

Let me know if you have any books that make you embarrass yourself through laughter.

© Laura Genao 2006


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