The Holiday Cards Are Coming–To ME!!

The Holiday Cards Are Coming–To ME!!

Recently, in Holiday Card-i-ology I described the types of greetings cards I like to send during the holiday season.  Since I’ve now received some cards, I thought I’d describe two of the more creative ones. 

The first is from my sister.  Normally, she sends a computerized letter describing the family’s exploits.  Last year, she mixed it up a little by doing it from my niece’s point of view.  This year, the annual “letter of our exploits” was done in the shape of a house.  The drawing was done, like a rough floor plan of her house, and the description of each room gave some information about what happened in that room during the course of the year (i.e., here’s who stayed in the guest room this year, here’s what we’ve added to our basement–you get the idea).  I’d never seen that idea before, so it made me smile.  I can also start practicing my sleepwalking around her house.

The second, is from a dear friend’s mom.  In the Atkinson family there are nine children, two significant others, and two grandchildren.  The card, which I’ve been fortunate to receive for the past decade, is in the form of a simple matrix.  Across the top of the card is everyone’s name.  Down the side is a series of questions.  Each cell then reflects a neatly handwritten answer to each question as given by everyone from dad on down to the kindergartener who is the family’s youngest member. 

Every year the questions change and they are always chosen in a way to teach me something new about the family.  For example, this year I learned that my dear friend of almost 20 years has a weakness for “baby food oatmeal” and that her childhood nickname was “Jenolian.”

Since the Atkinson card brings a laugh to my life every year, I thought I’d answer their questions with my own information.

  • What are you doing now?  Negotiating some contracts
  • A book you’ve read this year that you’d recommend? The Great Gatsby
  • An interesting website you like?
  • A newly discovered weakness?  Inability to sit on long flights
  • What news reporter would you like to be, or one you respect?  Tina Fey
  • A mistake you made this year?  Leaving my car on the street last weekend
  • What was your childhood nickname? Federica
  • What modern convenience would you invent?  A home drycleaning device
  • Most horrifying thing that happened to you?  Herniating two discs in my back
  • Who should be the next president of the U.S.? Barack Obama
  • A favorite Christmas present?  Xbox
  • A thing someone else in the family has that you covet?  The photos in my sister’s family albums
  • If you were to die and come back as someone else, who would it be?  Virginia Woolf
  • What is your favorite kind of apple?  Red delicious
  • Best thing to know?  How to think on your feet

© Laura Genao 2006


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