Santa Leaves Money in My Shorts

Santa Leaves Money in My Shorts

I’ll admit, I’m spoiled. 

I am spoiled because I’m fortunate enough to have a mother who still wants to do my laundry.  She takes care of it whenever she stays at my house. 

I told her not to do the laundry.  She refused and my t-shirts were ironed the next day. 

I offered to buy her gifts out of appreciation for her help.  She had none of it and reorganized my closet by color and style.

Finally, I hit upon how to reward her–I started leaving money in the pockets of my clothing. 

It started inadvertenly.  A forgotten five in my jeans.  A few dollars of change in my shorts.

I came home on each of those days and my mom said the Spanish equivalent of “it must be nice to be able to forget about your money.”  She announced my punishment was that she would keep the change.  I poutily obliged.

The next week.  I left a twenty in a sweatshirt.  I did the same with different pieces of clothing over the course of a few weeks.

Finally, she said, “You know, the amount you’re forgetting in your clothes is increasing, and you’re starting to leave it in clothing without pockets.”

I looked at her and smiled, “I know.  Thanks mom.”

She smiled back and said, “Esto se siente bonito.  Como si tuviera yo un Santa Claus.”

(This feels good.  It’s as if I have my own Santa.)

© Laura Genao 2006


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