Movies I Want to See

Movies I Want to See

I don’t go to the movies very much.  Generally, I’m more interested in talking to my friends than in sitting quietly next to them for two hours.  Around year’s end though, my cinematological bodily clock seems to kick in and I’m completely suckered by movie marketing.  This year’s list of movies I want to see before December 31 includes:

  • Night at the Museum–I’ll admit it.  I like any holiday movie that takes place in NY.  I’ll replay the Christmas scenes in “When Harry Met Sally,” time it so I can catch just the end of “Serendipity” or sit through all of that really bad “Home Alone” sequel just to catch scenes of Fifth Ave. or Wollman Rink or Radio City Music Hall.  With this movie, it also doesn’t hurt that I think Ben Stiller’s really funny and that I’ve always thought the Museum of Natural History just a little creepy.  I’ll just ignore that the guys who wrote this one also wrote “Let’s Go To Prison.”
  • The Good Shepherd–Maybe it’s the conspiracy theorist in me, but I like movies about spying and intrigue.  While Robert De Niro tends to scare me in a “he just can’t be right in the head if he’s that crazy on screen” way, I figure that he can fill the”psycho actor” parking spot in my brain for a little while (but only because I haven’t seen a Kevin Spacey movie this year). 
  • Notes on a Scandal–I cannot pass up the opportunity to see Judi Dench.  I don’t know if it’s the fact that she’s the actress I place in my mental rewrite of every British novel or play I’ve ever read or if it’s just that I like that she chooses to do comedy and Bond movies, too.  While I tend not to like movies about people being downright cruel to one another, the acting in this one may warrant a little exception (even if it’s guaranteed to be disturbing).
  • Volver. “All About My Mother” is one of my favorite movies,  “Talk to Her” was just weird, and “Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown” reminds me of good times sitting around a 19-inch television in a tiny college dorm room.  This movie is my personal test for Pedro Almodovar.  If it’s in the style of “All About My Mother,” I’ll consider seeing his future movies.  If not, I may have to go elsewhere to find my quirky, yet strong, Spanish-speaking women.
  • The Holiday–What is it about Cameron Diaz’s voice and smile?  I may try to answer that question by seeing this movie (even if it is completely and admittedly total syrup).

© Laura Genao 2006


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