La Chismosa

La Chismosa

La Chismosa outdoorsMy mom calls my blackberry “la chismosa.” In Spanish, that word means “one who gossips” or “tells on something.”

My mother christened my electronic device with this name because it’s how I communicate with people at all hours of the day. It’s what I go to the minute I have news of work, news of home, and news generally.

We’ll be sitting at the breakfast table and I’ll announce “such and such just died.”  We’ll be at the mall and I’ll say, in my best Katie Couric voice, “there’s been an earthquake somewhere.” My mother will look at me and shake her head in disgust while saying, “como me cae mal esa chismosa.”

I suppose chismosa is as good a name as any to give to this device. I tried to use the literal Spanish translation for blackberry for a while. But, whenever I referred to “mora” my mom thought I was talking about breakfast fruit.

So, for now, I suppose “la chismosa” it remains.

© Laura Genao 2006


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