Weekend News

Weekend News

A very, very, very, very smart friend of mine wondered why so many people were out and about in Pasadena one night early last year.  Although he’s up to date on any number of topics ranging from global warming, to FCC rulings, to how quickly he can run a mile, turns out he somehow missed that a really big football game was happening. 

His wife, seeing a lot of college merchandise on people, surmised it was probably a football game. He pulled out his blackberry and, finally, figured out it was the night of the USC v. Texas Rose Bowl of January 2006. 

In his honor, and because I spent all weekend watching football, I’ll run down two football-related items of note for those who might otherwise be out of the loop.

  • This weekend was wildcard weekend in the NFL.  The New England Patriots beat the New York Jets 37 to 16, the Indianapolis Colts defeated the Kansas City Chiefs 23 to 8, the Philadelphia Eagles bested the New York Giants 23 to 20, and in one the most psychologically damaging plays of the season, Dallas Cowboys quarterback, Tony Romo, bobbled the football on a field goal attempt, which would have given his team a lead with about a minute left to go in the game.  The Seattle Seahawks ended up winning that game 21 to 20. (I’ll be a mess when it comes to choosing sides during next weekend’s games.  I like the Colts because Peyton Manning is such a disciplined quarterback; I like the Eagles because Jeff Garcia has brought a great Cinderella quality to the end of their season;  and I like the San Diego Chargers’ (who had a bye this weekend and didn’t play) Ladainian Tomlinson because he just keeps running and can get away from anything)).
  • For those of you who don’t pay attention, Monday night is when the Ohio State University plays against the University of Florida for the NCAA national champion title in the Fiesta Bowl. (I know a buckeye and don’t know any gators; so, for those who wonder–I’m rooting for the poisonous nut.)

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