What’s on your San Marcos?

What’s on your San Marcos?

I drive by the wholesale blanket place on Atlantic Blvd., just north of Maywood, about once a week.  Each time, I’m intrigued by the gazillion blankets draped on the box building and by the crowds always gathered there.  Strawberry Shortcake has one.  So do the SF 49ers.  Even colts running around on a hill have one.  It seems everything is welcome on  a San Marcos cobija.

Curled upI used to be a little uppity about the blankets, thinking to myself, “I’ll never have anything that can be a tapestry, rug, and blanket in my house.” 
Then my mom got me one.  I am a complete convert.  My version of the San Marcos blanket, is the softest, plushest, warmest blanket I have ever had and it is what I curl up with while watching MTV’s Saturday morning shows (and, no, despite requests, I don’t hang it as a tapestry or use it as a rug–unless I’m photographing it).

A lion’s on mine. What’s on your San Marcos?

What's on yours?

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56 thoughts on “What’s on your San Marcos?

  1. looking at these posts, they are pretty old. mine was given to me 20+ yrs ago, shades of brown very very very soft. my husband has claimed it as his own, so he thinks. I will him for that blanket. I would love to by more.

  2. Interesting that I found this blog and reading of those owning & loving their blankets. I bought mine in San Felipe, Baja, Mexico about 8 yrs ago for only $35.00. It has a great picture of a horse and has brown and black colors. It is our most favorite bed blanket as it is so soft and warm.
    I don’t know where to else buy them in the states and if anyone knows, post your answer.

  3. Good afternoon:
    my name is lisaann and i want to know if you have the san marcos colcha from Mickey mouse that has all his characters cuz my daughter wants it and i can’t find it. i found it only at la Joya but its very impossible for me to back over there.if u do can u please send me the pictures and then i will contact u so i can buy from u. Thank u in advance.

  4. I have a blue and black double sided full blanket with a lion on it. I love it, I think I’ve had it for over 20 years, San Marcos blankets are the best!!

  5. I am currently trying to set up a web site to show the softest, warmest and most durable blankets in existence!! My husband brought 20 beautiful, king size (95″X87″) blankets from the prior San Marcos factory in Aguascalientes, Mexico and they have been shipped to CA, CO, KY and OH. Full size (87″X71″)are also available. Various designs of course, but still have the wolf, tiger, deer and flowers. New designs and colors like dolphins, zebra and jaguar colors, parrots and more flowers…You may email me at jjuniques@yahoo.com for more info…

  6. mine is pink & white with a mamma and baby panda on it… it’s actually in between me and the laptop right now. good for cold nights in north texas. my parents have a larger black and orange one with a very majestic deer on it. it’s hilarious, but it keeps us warm 🙂

  7. I sell the original san marcos blankets…they are not new…the plant in Mexico that made them went out of business 20 years ago…the chinese factory that makes them now are very poorly made….
    if interested in purchasing any contact me at lionlove78@yahoo.com…only serious inquiries..

    1. Serious inquirer please Ive been looking for San Marcos blankets forever. I have 2 kings size and love them. Would like to buy some for my family members. please reply

  8. I have an original king San Marcos that is now 16 years old. It’s dark green and has a lion on it. I live in Katy, Texas and 3 years ago I purchased a Solaron which is a Korean Blanket. It has the Virgen de Guadalupe. I love it! it keeps my hubby and me warm. I even started to sell them last year making good business. God Bless

    1. Hi Melissa,
      I am interested in finding the coberto blankets. You mentioned a Korean blanket. If it is any good I would be interested in purchasing about 5 depending on size. Are you selling them? I live in Houston.

      Wadeah Spite

  9. I have an original queen size San Marcos that my girlfriend keeps trying to steal from me. It has a lion, elephant and a zebra just hanging out on it lol.

    My mom got it for me nearly 15 years ago from a lady that worked with her in the factory. I’m looking for one at swapmeets but not having much luck. If you should get your hands on it, then cherish it because once they’re gone, they’re gone.

  10. Happy New Year…..I used to live in AZ back late 80’s thru the 90’s, I used to do day trips to Nogales and buy a San Marcos, Jose Cuervo Centenarrio and hand painted paper mache birds….I have a lavender and white with a tiger, reversible (king sz), a sea-green oriental scene with a gazebo, swans, mountains… just beautiful, and one with dark green background with jungle animals just STUNNING….all of them……I felt like a princess from my very first blankee, been spoiled ever since…sigh, I live in Minnesota now so I have what I have and treasure them….. believe me they are priceless and you truly have to go to Mexico for them, mine even as old as they are, are in fantastic shape, that’s how you know you have an original…..
    …………..anyone going to Mexico anytime soon? God Bless all of you who really own an original, I feel blessed……………..

  11. I have a few San Marcos. I have a twin teal grean/ black one with a cat on it, my brother and I got matching blankets when we got our new bedroom set when I was 7 (18 years ago). They were identical except hishad a black trim and mine had teal green trim. I also have 2 king size brown/tan ones, one with a bear, the other a lion. I love my San Marcos blankets, best part of winter. I do have 2 koreanos and although they are warm they are not the same.

  12. I have two San Marcos a full size biege and brown with flowers, the other is full size wine, gray and black with horses. I absolutely love them. A friend passed them on to me, I feel so lucky. Especially when I read the company is out of business. I am however still hopeful to find another somewhere, somehow.

  13. I think my San Marcos has a horse or a flower on it. Not sure, but it’s green and my favorite thing in the world. You guys can use it during New Years!

  14. I posted on 1/25 that I was going to Mexico and would be looking for blankets. I’m back (and have sinced moved to Missouri where a good San Marcos comes in handy in the winter!) and did bring one blanket back for my daughter (the only person in the family that didn’t have her own awwwww) San Marcos has gone out of business and has been for awhile now. BUT I did find a blanket at the tangues (sp? or flea market! A queen size with a tiger on it cost me about $19 US but it wasn’t a San Marcos…it is a very, very nice cobija though….and my daughter (her nickname is Cat) loved it….next trip I have to bring three more for my grandbabies.

  15. Hi guys!!

    Okay so I want a San Marcos Original Colcha…..does anyone know where I can get one? I mean I can pay a little extra to be shipped to my house.
    I am in Houston, Texas so feel free to e-mail me with any information lguerrero_123@yahoo.com

  16. I love my San Marcos blanket. It has penguins on it, but it’s the warmest, most beloved blanket I’ve ever owned. It’s kind of heavy, but I guess that’s what makes it so warm. It’s not like these “blankets” they sell nowadays that weigh every bit of 2 ounces. These are some hefty blankets. Even though mines still in pretty good shape, I’d love to find another.

  17. I love my san marcos “COLCHA” I have 2 that I received as wedding gifts 11 years ago but have had them in my family years before,ever since I can remember they are so soft and warm and yes a whole lot of softner makes them so nice and fluffy out of the dryer I got a green one with of course a tiger and a black and grey one with a panda .love them but I want to get xtra ones but can’t seem to find any I’m in stockton, Ca.if any one knows where I can find one near by please let me know thanks!

    Hunny Bunny

  18. We own three of them, and only because I gave away two. In my family it’s a must that we all have our own cobija San Marcos. When I moved to the US, that was the first thing I packed. Mine has bears on it. My sister’s has lions and my son has a small size cute one with a little bear.

  19. I luckily own 2 of them. They are both twin sized. Both Brown/Tan, one with an Eagle, the other with a Lion head. I wash them in warm water, on reg cycle and put a full cap of softner so that they are nice and soft. Love them both, especially when I’m sick or a little chilled.

    1. HI, I own quite a few of those blankets you can just wash in the washer and they come out just like new. By the way where have you purchased them lately as I am looking for a couple of new blankets and cant seem to find them online or anywhere?

  20. I have a San Marcos blanket that I got for Christmas one year. I was 15 years old. I am a Leo and at the time I was a big collector of everything with lions on it!
    It has a male lion posing on a rock. He’s beautiful. It is brown and white with the negative and positive on both sides. That blanket has gone everywhere with me in life. If it could talk! LOL.
    I will be turning 44 this year. Do the math. After all these years I still have it and all my baby’s played on it and they all still fight over it when they come by.

  21. They are the best! I bought one for my mom in ’92 and it still looks new. It is one of the most unique (tacky??) I’ve ever seen. It is hues of brown and gold with orange and pink and a big seated bald eagle. She loves it. My son has a king size in gold and brown with a male lion. My hubby and I have a maroon one with flowers and a big, thick one in black and earth tones depicting lions. It is true it is hard to find anything comprable these days but I’m taking off to Mexico very soon and I’m hoping to find some good blankets, even if they aren’t the original. Personally I don’t like the koreanos at all. They rip easy wear out and then shed stuff all over.

  22. Well, my sister, brother and I all received our blankets as gifts when we were 10 and we are all over 30 now. Mine is beautiful, it is baby blue, black, and white and it has a Unicorn on it. I LOVE IT!!! And well, I live in South Texas very close to the border and I have bought one for my three kids and one for my husband. If you all e-mail me I can try my best to hook you all up with some blankets. I usually go to Progreso, Mexico and they have a variety of them. Y’all let me know.

  23. I have had my San Marcos since I was 11 years old and I am going on 31. I never use any other blanket but it, its funny because my kids fight me for it. I am thinking I am going to order one for them for a Christmas gift this year! I wish I could find a store that sells the original San Marcos in Orlando

  24. Hi Nicandro Sanchez, I also live in chicago.. and am looking for a san marcos cobija for my baby girl. they told me theres this factory on 47th and kedzie in back of the pete’s market. Im going to go check it out.. and cross my fingers.. hopefully i’m lucky and find some there…


  25. I have two San Marcos, one is pink and maroon with a horse and a second red and tan one with a leopard. I’ve had both since forever but I’d have to say my pink and maroon one is my favorite, plus it’s softer, less worn and most likely newer. Unfortunately I have no idea where to get one anymore.

  26. Am also looking for a San Marco’s blanket for my daughter she’s been wanting for years, cause she loved her Grandma’s. And am trying to do my homework before Xmas, so I can surprise her.

  27. i have had the same san marcos since i was born. its blue and black and have an aztec warrior on it. my girlfriend love its. so for christmas i want to get her one. i really want to get her one, if they even make it, with finding nemo on it, she loves that movie. the chance of getting one with the character on it i know, will be slim. but any kind would be just as good. does any one know where i could find on, on line or at a location. im from chicago

  28. Mine is gray and has a black tiger on there almost like the one on the above picture. I used to have a green one that I had since i was 1 up until I was 12. I really want a new one because the one I have now looks like it wont last very long…. But, there really isn’t any luck finding stores or websites that will carry them..

  29. I used to be the export manager for San Marcos in Aguascalientes, Mexico.
    Unfortunatelly the company closed in 2004.
    I sugest, if you want to get some look for Pinto & Sons in 5th st in L.A in the case of Houston you can look in Andromeda Imports 9305 Harwin Dr, Houston, TX 77036
    Phone: (713) 339-9050

  30. My San Marcos is burgundy with a peacock and a vase on it. It is the softest, warmest and most beautiful blanket I’ve ever seen. I love the tackiness of the San Marcos designs. How do you know they are out of business? The Latino grocery stores in suburban Atlanta used to carry them, but they are now hard to find. Anyone know where I can buy one in metro Atlanta or on the web?
    I found a Verona brand blanket that is almost as nice.

  31. My husband and I are looking to purchase another San Marcos blanket but are having no luck in finding a website that sells these. Would anyone know of a website where we can purchase one. It is the best blanket ever and it is over 20 years old…. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    thank you

  32. I have one with a leopard, I live in delaware and bought mine in El Paso TX, they are the gratest! Im going to TX again and Im not leaving without getting another for my roomate

  33. Do you still have the grey and black one? I’m in NM and i have had mine since jr high and i am 32 now looking for another one

  34. i have a black and pink one with a horse on it. Ive had it since i was like in middle school but it still held up threw the yrs and keeps me very warm in the winter. They are awesome blankets. I have another full size that is grey and black but its spend most of its time in its bag lol. Would like to purchase another one if i can find it online or some where close to HOuston.

  35. I’ll take your word for it. Just goes to show that from my angle, under it, I don’t ever really look at what it is (and that I can’t tell my large cats apart when they’re on a blanket).

  36. is it a real san marcos? how can you tell?
    a real san marcos is made in mexico.it will have three tags.depending on its size it will have a color tag(king size is orange tag,1 of 3 tags).it will have a white tag saying it is a san marcos and that it is made in mexico(2 of 3 tags).it will have another white tag with a bar code or a set of numbers(3 of 3 tags). unfortunitley the company who made san marcos blankets is out of business.oriental copies have taken over the market.koreanas is a nick name because koreans make a duplicate .there is still one more mexican made blanket company still in business thats similiar to san marcos.
    so if you have a real san marcos keep it or let me know and i will buy it from you (has to be king size).

  37. Siggyhw, if you’re in LA, drive down Atlantic Blvd. south of the 710 freeway. The place Laura mentions is south of the 710 and north of Slauson Blvd. Also, check out the Alameda Swap Meet(s) on Alameda St. and 45th St. Both swap meets should have a wide selection of San Marcos and Koreanas.

    My San Marcos is red and has three deer. My parents have had it for as long as I can remember. I think it may be older than me.

  38. I have bears on mine. It’s starting to come loose on the edges and am trying to find where I can get new ones. My grandparents bought them years and years ago.
    Anybody know where to find them?

  39. I’ve had a minty green one since 6th or 7th grade. My grandparents bought almost identical ones for my sister and I back when we had side-by-side twin beds. Mine has one cat on it. I don’t even like cats, but I like my blanket.

  40. I love the way they feel but I can’t deal with some of the tacky designs. I had a baby one with some bears on it for a long time but finally sold it at a yard sale. Do you know why some places advertise them as “Koreanos”?

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