I’ll Be Your Girl For All Seasons

I’ll Be Your Girl For All Seasons

Grease 2

So, I just got the official invite e-mail for my 15th college reunion.  One of the events it promises is an evening of “celebration of our classmates’ work and artistic talents.”  

The e-mail promises “a unique way to welcome back the class and share our interests in a creative setting!  Anything and everything is welcome – sharing your writing (academic or creative), talking about your research, talking about work you’re doing for the government, performing a dance, reading poetry, playing music, or showing a clip of a film.  Each person will have up to 5 minutes approximately.”

Back when we were in college, my roommates and I once talked about doing “Girl for All Seasons” from Grease II in the Senior talent show.  I think sobriety caught up with the group and it was never, EVER, discussed again. 

I’m half inclined to organize an effort to finally pull out my inner choreographer and try to do it at the FRIDAY NIGHT EVENT–just as a reminder that there is no academic paper or description of government work that compares to the spectacle of six (one of them pregnant) women in their late 30s channeling bad Michelle Pfeiffer.

If all else fails and we end up doing “Cool Rider” in a karaoke bar in Boston instead, be assured, I’ll take pictures.

Yeah, college was fun.

© Laura Genao 2007


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