Walking Backwards

Walking Backwards

So, I’d finally gotten back to working out four days a week, running three miles each of those days, and doing a 40 minute core workout three days a week when my back injury remanifest itself.  I took it as a sign and decided no more three mile runs. 

This week I started the modified workout regimen.  I run a mile, do 40 minutes of a core strengthening workout, and then walk backwards for 15 minutes. 

Because I am a little uncoordinated, I wasn’t surprised to get shot off the treadmill (I didn’t fall, just ended up off of the treadmill unexpectedly) on my first day of backwards walking.  Fortunately, the only person I knew at the gym was too busy working his belly on a stability ball to notice. 

When I mentioned my little incident to him later he said, “I apparently missed that.  I did see you walking backwards on the treadmill and just reconciled that it was something you would do.  I don’t even ask questions.”

For all of you other smart alecks out there, backward walking and running are in fact recognized (if recognized means you have a Wikipedia entry) and beneficial forms of exercise.  You can look up the articles yourself, but the major benefits are the strengthening of leg muscles otherwise ignored by running and the promotion of balance (which, as I’ve said before, is something I need). 

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