See the Music

See the Music

A friend celebrated her 70-something birthday recently, and a group of us took her out to brunch, with mariachis included.

Again I was reminded of how much I enjoy watching people listen to mariachi music.  Yes, I did say “enjoy watching people listen.”  I’m not a mariachi expert by any stretch of the imagination.  I’ve got the couple of songs I like, but I don’t know the repertoire.  It is a fault I try to address by committing to memory new songs whenever I can remember them.

But at the brunch, I watched my friend enjoy the mariachis.  She listened to the music, and smiled, not an “I’m enjoying this moment now” smile, but a smile that revealed she was in a different place in time.  It could have been a dance in her pueblo, surrounded by sisters and friends.  It could have been a morning birthday serenade of her youth. 

It was definitely a time before the U.S., before kids, when she was (I’m sure) mischievous and a great dancer.

The whole scene just reminded me how much I enjoying watching music and made me wonder if I get the same funny look on my face when anything 80s plays. 


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