For the Record

For the Record

My favorite part of the newspaper is the “For the Record” section typically found on page A2.  The blurbs there always make make me thankful I don’t have the job of writing them.  They also serve as a reminder not to believe everything (anything?) I read.

Today’s lowlights:

“An Al Martinez column in the July 30 California section referred to the ‘post 9/11’ state law ‘meant to deny the right of terrorists to go around shouting that they’re going to blow us all into confetti, even though they display no weaponry.’  The law, California Penal Code Section 422, was enacted in 1988.” 

“A caption in Monday’s Section A said that more multifamily units than single-family homes are being built throughout Southern California.  The caption should have said that that is the case in much of Southern California.” 

The world is so much clearer now.


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