More on those kids

More on those kids

A while back I wrote about how several close friends (and a sister) were pregnant and expecting around this time of year.  The breaking news is that, as of today, all but one has had her baby.  In honor of them all and my new nieces and nephews, the following child-related, real-life things to look forward to:

  • Kids are quirky.  My almost three-year-old niece is scared of laundry.  Not scared of doing laundry.  Scared of laundry items.  I found this out while I was changing her out of her play clothes and into pajamas.  When I threw her shirt across the room with a flourish and the declaration, “Into the laundry you’ll go,” the kid started screaming. 
  • Kids are really quirky.  A friend’s five-year-old son takes empathy a bit too far.  As if to gain real knowledge about what you are feeling, he seeks out the pain.  Case in point, you stub your toe and start to cry.  He kicks a wall, stubbing his own toe, and starts to cry.

 Good luck to you all.  Please humor me with the stories.


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