I’m Getting A Little Punchy

I’m Getting A Little Punchy

It’s been a long week with lots to do and that’s made me a little punchy.  It hasn’t helped that the week’s required my focused attention on some pretty dry financial material.  That’s probably why I found the following phrases funny.  They may not be, but this week they’re enough to amuse me.

  • Intertemporal equity;
  • Flight to quality;
  • “I don’t appeal to authority,  I appeal to example”; and
  • “The first regression study in the history of the world found . . . .”

Like I said, it’s been a long week (but don’t worry, fun begins soon enough–Pink Martini at the Hollywood Bowl on Friday, “The Exorcist” at the cemetery on Saturday).  My good senses should be back shortly thereafter.


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