Sundays Are Special

Sundays Are Special

For religious reasons or otherwise, Sundays have always been special.  They’re a day of treats (like McDonald’s after mass) and reflection (like spending an entire day fasting).  Nowadays, in the fall, the treats always include football. 

Today, we weren’t making rice like El Chavo.  Instead, we went with grilled mussels.  Nothing like grilling with butter, garlic, and parsley.  Mm-mm-mm (and a big thanks to 30 seconds of a Julia Child show on PBS that taught me how to make these).
No Rice Here


One thought on “Sundays Are Special

  1. I can’t condone the slaughter of mussels (the poor lil’ clammy things) but I do approve of the use of a cast iron pan, that’s the way to go! Down with teflon, arriba con el hierro!

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