From Beyond

From Beyond

Because my mother thinks about dying almost every day (or at least that’s what I take from phrases like “cuando me muera te va poder,” or “cuando me muera ni te voy a decir,” or “cuando me muera no me vayas a quemar”), I’m always interested in others’ thoughts on dying and their legacies. 

This weekend, I ran across a truly twisted dying wish.  Apparently, the person referenced in this NYT article included in her will the instruction to have copies of pages from her personal diary mailed to those people who were discussed in those pages.

I guess some people don’t ever want to get over it.


2 thoughts on “From Beyond

  1. I have a feeling I’ll die young so I’ve asked many of my close friends and my mom to have me cremated and put my ashes into 20-25 tiny Corona bottle openers and distribute out to my close friends… That way they can remember me every time they open up a beer…

  2. When we take pictures, my mom likes to say, “Oh, this will be for the video you’ll play at my funeral.” or “This might be the last picture of all of us together.” Yeh, morbid. Moms likes to give me the rundown about when she dies-go to this bank, empty the account, go to this office to read her will, go this place for this and that. She also collects alot of antique furniture, so she’s asked my sibings and I choose what we want and put a piece of paper with our name on it so there will be no disputes later on. Yes, she is very proactive! I keep telling her I will be so distraught when she dies, I’m not going to remember anything she has told me. She doesn’t believe me.

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