Lo Que No Me Gusta

Lo Que No Me Gusta

Things I have not liked about this trip to D.C.

  • I had to wait an hour for a cab from the airport to my hotel.  Airport attendants blamed the taxi shortage on traffic and the bad weather.  If there are some things I know, they are that local news channels were telling folks about the snow for days and that when it snows traffic will be bad.  What? Cabbies don’t watch the weather report or know that traffic will get bad in snow?  Cuernos.
  • The Starbucks near the hotel closes at 7:30 p.m.  Really?  The business built on a model of “people will drink coffee at anytime and place” closes at 7:30?  I don’t even like coffee, but I can’t even get a chai latte to take the place of the big brownie dessert my diet won’t let me have.  Cuernos.
  • Dieting as a resolution.  Makes me very cranky.  Double cuernos.

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