Dos Sueños

Dos Sueños

I have two recurring dreams.  One has been around the greater part of my life.  The other has appeared more recently.  Any pop psychologists out there willing to attempt an explanation?

  • This one has been around for over 30 years.  I have it once or twice a year and it is always the same.  I am sleeping at the base of a cliff, which has an overhang I can see far above me.  At some point while I sleep, the overhang cracks off and I sit frozen, terrified as the mass of earth crashes down on me.  I am certain I will be crushed to death, but I survive.  Moments later, I see a bird’s feather floating down toward me.  I marvel at its delicacy, then it crushes me.
  • The second dream is a returning to college dream.  I’ve had it three or four times in the past few months.  The premise is always that I am returning to college after a summer break.  The year seems to change every time I have this dream (i.e., the first time I was going back after freshman year, the second time,  after sophomore year, and more recently after junior year), but in each event, I am excited to be returning to my roommates and friends.  I try to get through the courtyard’s gate.  It is the gate I remember letting me into the courtyard in my dream, but my key doesn’t work, so I run around to a different gate.  I am admitted through that gate and immediately the dream transports me to my dorm room.  There my roommates (the women who I lived with or next door to for three years) immediately include me in the moment’s conversation.  In one dream the conversation was what we’d each done for the summer.  In the other it was the middle of the assignment of rooms within our suite.

4 thoughts on “Dos Sueños

  1. C–so much for joking with you then.
    A&D–I absolutely miss Cambridge. And, the dreaming keeps happening–last night’s was about a reunion. Pretty soon, maybe I’ll stop seeing things that have happened and see some upcoming lottery numbers.

  2. I think you are still traumatized by the process of assigning bedrooms in the suites….especially the year Trish abandonded us and we had the Floater-from-Hell. Either that or your college roomates are so way cool that you need to dream about us!

  3. Whenever I try to analyze my own dreams, I try and think about what things symbolize rather than think of them literally. But your dream can be interpreted pretty literally. So here goes:

    I think the first one means that you’re really adept at dealing with the big things, the overwhelming things, the type of stuff that crushes the average person. There’s something in you that just helps you survive, to figure out solutions and to assuage a really bad situation. But that’s not what’s gonna be most difficult. It’s gonna be the feather, the weightless and delicate thing you never expected to hurt you. Sorry for sounding so grim. Oh!

    This reminds me of a Rilo Kiley song and these lyrics from “Plane Crash in C”

    and how do you do it?
    and make it seem effortless
    when its all the stupid things
    so overwhelming to me
    like paying my bills
    or showing up for work early
    or laughing at your jokes

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