Even sadder?

Even sadder?

Combing through the papers today, this was perhaps the saddest example of voter disenfrachisement.

One of the oddest voting irregularities occurred in Illinois, where voters at a Chicago precinct were given styluses designed for touch-screen machines instead of ink pens. When voters complained the devices made no marks on their paper ballots, a ballot judge told them the markers were full of invisible ink, the Associated Press reported.


5 thoughts on “Even sadder?

  1. Harlan
    And, growing up in Chicago wasn’t even slight preparation for moving to Florida – and I had an acquaintance who even owned his own voting machine. A gaming machine company makes most of the non-paper machines – of course, the house wins

  2. You are surprised by voter irregularities in Illinois? Chicago’s unofficial motto is “Vote Early and Often”! On the bright side is the story where I live, McLean County. For the first time ever, Democratic ballots outnumbered Republican ballots. Obama and Clinton got more votes than McCain, Romeny and Huckabee combined. It is being described as a real two-party system for the first time in the history of McLean County and they anticipate that the two-party reality will continue in the future.

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