Random Danger

Random Danger

I have a friend who is marvelously dangerous—to himself.  His latest self-inflicted wound came when he put the weed whacker between his legs for “just a second” while he tended to something else.  He ended up slicing open the backside of his knee. 

My friend is a few years from being 40.  Because he is often the victim of freak domestic accidents, a group of us doesn’t think he’ll make it.  We’re writing his eulogy now.

Although I fall a lot, I’m not generally subject to quite the same number of random accidents as my friend.  This week was different.  I managed to get a paper cut behind my right ear. 

I know, it’s odd.  But, when you’re chopping up giant cardboard boxes and stuffing them into the recycling bin, sometimes the pieces of carboard resist the folding you’ve imposed and they jump out at you.  They did, and landed all around my head, slicing me behind the ear on their way to the floor.

Be careful out there, danger lurks everywhere.


4 thoughts on “Random Danger

  1. Yuh huh, it’s more serious. This didn’t bleed much. I heard another good injury recently. A friend disconnected her cartilage from her sternum while throwing a baseball. No blood there, but I bet it hurt.

  2. I hope your friend has insurance… oww. How is the ear? Did it bleed a lot? My brother’s ear bled a lot when he got hit there with brass knuckles. I know, I know. That’s much more serious than a paper cut.

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