Nice Words

Nice Words

I received a random e-mail today from a student I worked with earlier this year.  It was really nice. 

I just wanted to let you know i am very thankful for “taking us under your wing” and giving us that great advice, thanks for answering aaaalllll of my questions and always having that fun spirited personality!! when we were at the meeting the first day i felt like jack must have felt (this is my titanic example don’t laugh) when he has that dinner with rose and this lady (I totally forget her name lends him a suit and tells him he can borrow her son’s and takes him under her wing and gives him all of that great advice) . . . well hopefully you remember . . . .  


While I’ve never quite seen the role of me played by Kathy Bates, I’m sure glad the student chose to think of me as Kathy Bates in the “Titanic” role as opposed to her in the “Misery” role.


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