Planning My Day

Planning My Day

I’m not one of those people who has plans while on vacation.  I don’t buy tour books and then develop a detailed schedule ensuring that I see everything in the books.  My vacation plans get developed more like this:

Remember bakery I saw on the Food Channel, Google it, then go there for breakfast.
Angel Food 

Decide to take a long walk back to the city, happen to walk by Wrigley Field, then take a tour of the ballpark.
Locker Room

Overhear the bartender near Wrigley Field talking about how the Cubs are out of town today, but that the White Sox are home, get on the train, go to White Sox game.
U.S. Cellular Field


One thought on “Planning My Day

  1. first off hope you are having fun it looks like it.
    second off i like your shirt.
    and finally…ive decided that when i grow up im going pull a laura and go travel everywhere.
    so thats my plan… hope you dont mind.

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