Checking in

Checking in

Summer’s over and I’m planning on pumping up the volume in the year’s last quarter.  Random events that filled the summer and didn’t get put into the blog:

  • Trip to D.C., mosquitoes ate me alive.  Fortunately, the large welts they caused were not accompanied by itching.  One observant one thought my recovery from two-inch wide welts was rather Terminator-like;
  • Dinner with my freshman year roommate.  Always such a joy to see people I really liked at 18, getting more fabulous with age;
  • Spent a few hours trying to determine the difference between “aggressive” and “assertive” and when exactly I’m being either;
  • Dealing with family illness.  Not horrible or terminal, but just enough to transform a caring person into someone you don’t want to spend time with; and
  • Continuing to run five days a week and do weight work (count it up, I’ve lost over 30 pounds since Dec. 26, when I realized I was bigger than I’d ever been in my life).

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