Mystery of the ER

Mystery of the ER

I’ve been spending a fair deal of time in and around hospitals of late.  I’m mostly just looking for answers to an ailment question (not my ailment), but the illness affects me in many ways.  In any event, today had me at the Bellflower Kaiser for six hours. 

Although killing time by an ailing person’s bedside is never fun, I try to keep busy by looking for common themes among sick people.  Today’s observation–sick people in this particular hospital all seem to get hungry shortly after arriving in the ER.

Personally, I don’t have any kind of appetite around all the sights and smells of the ER, but illness seemed to be bringing out the appetite in the sick in Bellflower.  Glad there’s not a drive through.


2 thoughts on “Mystery of the ER

  1. That’s why I made sure I ate my bagel with lox and cream cheese before I headed into the ER for stitches on my finger. Who new a bread knife could be so sharp? I didn’t get any blood on my food, but I didn’t get hungry again until I was able to go home three hours later.

  2. omg that is so true. As I was reading your post I was laughing because you are so right. I am not sure why people get very hungry shortly after arriving in the ER. I also am guilty of getting hungry after I arrived at the ER…lol that is too funny. Great Observation!!

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