Birthdays and Bone Marrow

Birthdays and Bone Marrow

A birthday yesterday meant fabulous pumpkin baked alaska.  While it was delicious, I was more intrigued by the plate of bone marrow we were also able to have at the steakhouse where we celebrated.  Who knew bone marrow was such a good side dish?
Pumpkin Baked Alasksa


3 thoughts on “Birthdays and Bone Marrow

  1. Speaking of bone marrow, a coworker’s (works with both Laura and me) father desperately needs a bone marrow transplant to live. So far, no luck. Obviously, our coworker’s heart is breaking. If you aren’t already on the list, please consider getting tested and get on the national registry. It’s just a cheek swab, and it can save the live of someone’s beloved family member. In our coworker’s case, they especially need Ashkenazi Jews to get tested, because they are more likely to be a match, but every race, ethnicity, ancestry is needed by someone!

    For more info:

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