Last week, the NYT let a councilman from Nashville get away with claiming that he was supportive of an English-only initiative in Nashville because, among other things, he didn’t think it was right for legislative offices to be able to use interpreters, “like they do in California.”  The NYT seems neither to have checked the veracity of his statement nor pressed him on why he thought it was true. 

Today, the NYT corrects itself.

An article last Sunday about an effort in Nashville to prohibit the government from using languages other than English included an incorrect statement from Councilman Eric Crafton of Nashville, the chief supporter of the city’s plan, about the California State Legislature. The Legislature has never had members who needed the proceedings translated into English for them. (Mr. Crafton, contacted after a reader alerted The Times, said he recalled seeing a story about such translators on television, but could not provide specifics or documentation for his claim.)


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