Endorsing Steve Zimmer

Endorsing Steve Zimmer

There’s nothing like knowing a candidate from way back in his early years to get you to vote for him.  For those of you who can vote in the March 3 election here in Los Angeles—use your vote to elect Steve Zimmer.  Steve is a dear friend of mine who has been committed to increasing educational opportunities in Los Angeles since graduating from college in the early 1990s.  I’ve known Steve since that time when we both joined Teach for America and committed ourselves to giving all children the opportunity to receive an excellent education.  Back then, our efforts involved days of student teaching English as a Second Language classes at Jefferson High School in Los Angeles (and sharing stories of our day while shagging fly balls at CSUN before our education classes).  Two years later, I went off to pursue journalism and a career in law.  Steve, however, continued his focus on education in Los Angeles. As Steve’s bio demonstrates, his passion and dedication have led him to take several positions within the school where he has worked and in its surrounding community, in order to address those issues that are critical to student achievement.  He continues those efforts today as he looks to bring his broad experiences to the school board of the Los Angeles Unified School District. I look forward to the thoughtful advocacy and tireless efforts he will bring to the body tasked with addressing the critical issues affecting Los Angeles’ schools, students, and families. I hope you will join me in supporting him on the way to March 3.


One thought on “Endorsing Steve Zimmer

  1. I know Mr Zimmer from Marshall high where he works ( Impact Office) and he is a wonderful person and counselor, I’m very happy that he won the election! 🙂 Go Mr Zimmer!!!

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