Fire Season

Fire Season

View of early morning through the smoke.
Sunrise August 28, 2009

Just Remembering Stuff

Just Remembering Stuff

John Hughes died today.  And, while I didn’t grow up in anything that looked like the neighborhoods depicted in his movies, they spoke to me.  In no particular order, my favorite John Hughes memories:

  • Breakfast Club–my sister and I talked our way into this film because neither of us was 16 yet.  I remember the lobbying taking too much effort.  We sat in the Santa Fe Springs movie theater enthralled by the characters we met (in case you care, I identified with Ally Sheedy).
  • Home Alone–again, with my sister.  This time, it was during a Thanksgiving break while we were both in college.  We took in a late show at Copley Plaza and the seven-year-old sitting behind me complained about my hair blocking his view of the screen.  We laughed, but didn’t move.  I’d grown into myself, and my hair.  It is one of my favorite memories of being in Boston (and college) with my sister.
  • Weird Science–the closest I came to thinking anyone would ever put my high school in a movie.  One of this movie’s scenes was shot in our high school’s gym.  I can’t even tell which one when I watch the movie, but I do remember seeing Anthony Michael Hall crammed into the back seat of a Porsche 924 as he zoomed away from campus after the shoot.
  • Some Kind of Wonderful–it’s an anthem of sorts, will explain some other day.
  • Sixteen Candles–reminded me that I was getting old.  When I came back to L.A. after college and gave one of my then students a ride home, she told me her weekend plan was to “watch the old movie ‘Sixteen Candles.'”  I didn’t throw her from the moving vehicle.  I was kinder then, I told her to pay attention.
  • Ferris Bueller’s Day Off–every day reminds me of how great it is to enjoy being yourself.

Thanks again, Mr. Hughes.