This Transcends Left vs. Right

This Transcends Left vs. Right

For those whose knee-jerk reaction to the Prop. 8 trial is to ignore anything written about it because they’re not liberal, I hope the article linked to below serves as a reminder that this is not about Democrats versus Republicans.  In discussing why she’s joining the fight for marriage equality, Republican commentator Margaret Hoover notes:

You may think, “San Francisco liberals at it again! Hijacking the courts, inventing new constitutional rights!”  Stop there.  The lead counsel in the case is George W. Bush’s Solicitor General, who successfully argued Bush v. Gore before the Supreme Court in one of his fifty-five performances before the nation’s highest judicial body.  He is Theodore “Ted” Olson, a founder of the Federalist Society, constitutional law expert, and one of the most respected conservatives in America.

Mr. Olson thinks constitutionally guaranteed rights ought to transcend left vs. right, Democrat vs. Republican divides (he even recruited legal opponent David Boies as co-counsel).  I agree with him.  And as a proud Republican representing a younger generation of conservatives that cherish individual freedom, I am honored to join the American Equal Right’s Foundation’s Advisory Board. . . .

Some Republicans support gay rights, but prefer progress through legislative action or majority rule at the ballot box, rather than judicial action.  But what if a democratic election imposes mandates that violate a citizen’s constitutional freedom?  In the event that majority rule insufficiently protects individual liberty, our system of checks and balances puts forth that it is the role of the courts, to guarantee and protect the rights to individual Americans.

There are no political points to be gained by opposing marriage equality.  You can find the full piece here.


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