Paying Attention

Paying Attention

Every week my mother and I have the same conversation, where to have dinner on Friday night. I call her in the middle of the afternoon and ask her the question. She says she’ll think about it and have an answer when I get home.

And she never does. “No se, lo que tu quieras.”

Today when I picked her up though, she handed me a note. Scribbled on it was the word “Lobster.”

I asked her what it meant and she explained that she’d been watching television and “it” looked good on the commercial. Dutiful daughter that I am, I looked up lobster somewhere nearby and hit upon a Red Lobster.

My mom was sooooo pleased when we found it and I asked her why she wanted lobster, since she’d never wanted it before. “Yo no quiero al paton,” she said. “Yo quiero un steak.”

It was only then that I realized my mom wasn’t asking for lobster, she’d only caught half the name of the restaurant she wanted to try. I figured her giving the television half her attention is more than I normally get from her describing what she saw, so I went with it.


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