Flaming Hands

Flaming Hands

I’ve described Vicks’ Vapo Rub as “the ointment of the gods” on this site before.  It made an appearance again recently, as my mom tried to cure some of the aches and pains that plague her.

Specifically, she was trying to get rid of hip pain.

“Caliente un poco de Vicks, y se lo pone en el dolor,” a friend told her.  Easy enough, you’d think.

But my mother didn’t try to heat the Vicks by rubbing her hands together.  Instead, she tried to heat it up  by putting it on her hands and then placing her hands over the stove’s burners.

You can imagine her surprise when she found flames shooting out of her hands.   But, spendthrift that she is, she still thought she’d get some value from her Vicks, so she snuffed out the flames—on her hip.

I’m pretty sure this experience is the only time her use of Vicks has led to actual scarring (and I’m amused by the fact that I even have to utter that sentence).  More amusing is that my mom is somehow proud that all she scarred was her hip, and not her hands.  Because, in her mind, burned up hands would have been really bad.

And she wonders why I act like an overprotective parent.



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