Las Palabrotas

Las Palabrotas

I always have a hard time describing my job to my mother.  She never worked in an office, so the concept of reading, writing, and talking to people for hours a day and getting paid for it doesn’t register to her as much of a job.

Today, circumstances turned this Thursday into a “Bring your Retired Mother to Work Day” and she had the chance to sit in on one of my meetings.

Her impression of my work, “Que bonito hablas.  Y unas palabrotas.”

She was visibly proud of how I’d done in the meeting.  Mostly, she was proud of how well I speak English, although I still don’t know if she understood a word I said.

I always think it’s funny that she’s proud of my ability to speak English, but I guess it’s no different than when she’s proud of herself for getting through basic interactions in this foreign language.

Being a mother, of course she couldn’t just leave it at a compliment.  She promptly followed her words with “Si haces esas juntas por horas todos los dias, con razon que cuando llegas conmigo no te callas.”

And, yes mom, it is hard to shut off the talking thing when you do it for hours on end every day.


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