Things I saw/read that made an impression this week.

In “Photos”—Spoof of Ricky Martin’s Grammy outfit by Raul de Molina at Premio Lo Nuestro

In the “Ridiculous Politics” category—Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin thought Michelle Obama’s support for breastfeeding was evidence of a “nanny state.”  They seemed to ignore the Georgia Congressman (of course he’s a Republican) wanting to investigate miscarriages to ensure they occurred naturally.

In the “Needed to be Said” category—“Meanwhile, Rep. Gwen Moore of Wisconsin showed yet another reason why it’s important to elect women and people of color — the prospect of a bunch of old white guys standing around talking about black women’s fertility and alleged genocide.”—Irin Carmon in the article “Congresswoman’s Inspiring Speech on Abortion and Planned Parenthood” (with links to video of Jackie Spier and Gwen Moore speaking out against plans to reduce funding for Planned Parenthood.

In the “The World is not Safe for Women” category–An article on the harassment of female journalists around the world.  Although not said in the article, we should all remember that journalists alone are not singled out for this kind of harassment and public harassment of women isn’t confined to other parts of the world.


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