By Your Purse You Shall Be Known

By Your Purse You Shall Be Known

I’m not a purse-carrying kind of woman.  Quite frankly, I wasn’t even a purse carrying kind of girl.  At no point in the past 40 years have I figured out how and what to put into a purse.

Since we’re on the subject, I’m also not particularly good at identifying which purse style goes with any particular occasion.  Once when I thought I’d found a purse that fit my life and style, my best friend pronounced it “a training-bra of a purse.”

So, I mostly carry my keys and driver’s license in my shoe at formal events and in my pockets on other days.

My awkward relationship with purses was highlighted today when I heard a church lecture telling young women that the content of their character could be judged by the contents of their purses.

Of course this is a ridiculous and shallow (not to mention creepily invasive) way of figuring out the core of any person’s character, but I thought it would be amusing to judge me by the contents of the purse/bag/sack/satchel I carry these days.

Give it a shot.  What does it say that I carry:

  • a comedy notebook;
  • a life observations notebook;
  • a mini voice recorder;
  • a camera;
  • a blackberry charger;
  • a camera battery charger;
  • nail polish;
  • an empty checkbook;
  • a Luna bar;
  • some Aleve;
  • tweezers;
  • pens and highlighters;
  • keys;
  • lab results;
  • another woman’s lipstick;
  • a wallet; and
  • keys.

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