Funny People

Funny People

Last night’s news was pretty amazing.  Yes, it definitely was a “where were you when you heard” moment.  For me the “where” was in front of my computer and watching television at home.

Just as important as the “where” though, was the “who were you with” question.  Here are some of the people I “shared” the evening with, and their thoughts:

@vidalia   He was late cuz someone was writing his speech…someone who said “yadayadayada blah blah…fuck it… Pledge of Allegiance”

@Justin     McElroy Is it a big surprise it took us a decade to kill the guy, seeing as WE’VE BEEN TRYING TO ANNOUNCE IT FOR AN HOUR?

@ugarles    Blitzer: “Joe Biden just called Eric Cantor to inform him that bin Laden is dead.” Cantor: “No shit. I own a television.”

@FTrainPoker   It took us 10 years to nail Public Enemy No. 1. Public Enemy No. 4 has nothing to worry about.

@beerwithduncan Can we travel with big shampoo again??


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