Mosquita y Mari

Mosquita y Mari

Finally, someone’s putting together a movie set in Southeast L.A. with young lesbian latinas at the story’s core.  Follow the link to the pre-trailer for  “Mosquita y Mari” (and yes, that’s Huntington Park).

If you don’t want to click over, I’ll put a description of the movie’s story here:

Set in one of the most vibrant immigrant Latino neighborhoods in Los Angeles, Mosquita y Mari tells the story of two 15 year old Chicanas growing up in H.P. – Huntington Park. When Yolanda Olveros (15) meets her new neighbor Mari Rodriguez (15) all they see in each other are their differences. An only child, sheltered Yolanda’s sole concern is fulfilling her parents’ dream of a college-bound future. With her father’s recent death, street-wise Mari, the eldest of three, carries the weight of her siblings as their mother works to keep them above water. But despite their contrasting realities, Yolanda and Mari are soon brought together when Mari is threatened with expulsion after saving Yolanda from an incident at school. The girls forge a friendship that soon proves more complex than anticipated when the girls unexpectedly experience a sexually-charged moment between them. At a loss for words, the girls ignore their moment and move on to become best friends, unaware they have set in motion an unstoppable journey of self-discovery.

The creators have a Kickstarter campaign going to help supplement some grant money and get this story made.  Please donate whatever you can.


3 thoughts on “Mosquita y Mari

  1. Gratuitous shots of window shopping at la Pacific? Secret rendezvous at Salt Lake Park? Stolen kisses at Gage Bowl? This movie is the one I’ve had in my head for years (although mine would be centered in South Gate and not focus on lesbian, per se). If I had any extra income I’d donate money to this, but I’ll make sure to pass this on to people who might have the income to donate. This is the light at the end of the tunnel that is finals period.

    1. My favorite memories of La Pacific are about hiding among the clothing racks and about getting passed by crowded RTDs. Don’t remember window shopping so much. Good luck with finals.

      1. Whenever I went to La Pacific with high school friends, it was always to window shop and people watch. Much more interesting than Stonewood. I’m so excited for this movie, just as much as I was excited for Quinceañera five years ago. I’ll be in L.A. for the summer.

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