It took me two weeks to get new batteries for the scale. When I finally replaced them, I made my mom weigh herself.  It’s part of getting her to be cognizant of her heart issues and how her weight affects those. She complied readily, but first, picked up the scale from its location near the door and moved it across the room.

She stepped onto the scale.  It said, “Your weight is 178.6 pounds.” She smiled, because she hadn’t gained anything.  I smiled because she was so cute in her reaction. Then she held up a finger.  It told me to wait a moment, and she walked across the room scale in hand again.

She placed the scale back by the door and stepped on.  “Your weight is 185.6 pounds,” the scale said this time.

“Tu piensas que estoy loca,” she giggled. “Pero yo se lo que hago y porque.  Si la pongo alla, me deprimo.  Mejor ponerla aca.”

Yes mom, you move the scale to where it’ll give you the most cheerful results.