I Thought He Was Being Cursed

I Thought He Was Being Cursed

As I approached the corner of Van Ness and McCallister this evening I saw a man standing stoically at the corner and another wildy waving his hands in the air. The latter was clearly directing his efforts at the former.

I thought, “Wow, he is clearly putting a hex on that guy.”

I’m not sure why I thought he was cursing the guy, maybe it was too much Three Stooges watching as a kid, or a lingering belief in the power of transmitted energies, but that’s what I saw.

Never mind that the young mother at the bus stop covered her baby’s ears, or that the 20-something man in the suit decided to take the next bus as the verbal altercation came his way, or that I wanted to cross the street away from this scene.

This wasn’t an old-fashioned beat down in progress, it was a cursing.
Only then was it a less sad story about urban life.


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