El Día En Que Tu Naciste

El Día En Que Tu Naciste

My mother tells two versions of my birth story.

In the first, she is alone overnight in the hospital and a full moon keeps trying to get its light through the window onto her.  She doesn’t like full moons and is scared to have the full moon looking for the baby inside her.

The next afternoon, the baby is born.  She is loud and she is the only baby in the maternity ward, so all of the nurses pay attention to her.  This focus on the baby also scares my mother. 

My mother spends the next few weeks and months scared of everything that can hurt her first child.

In the second version, my mother buys my younger sister and me at local stores within walking distance of her home. 

She buys one of us at the Lucky’s grocery store and the other at Sav-on.  She never reveals which of us came from which store, but my sister and I each spend a lifetime claiming we’re the one who came from the (more expensive) Sav-on.


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